June 16

CMW 2022 with Nile Rogers, The Glorious Sons, Chuck D., Bif Naked, Merck Mercuriadis and more

After a hiatus of 3 years, Canadian Music Week was back with some impressive live music, conferences and lectures.
 It was day one of three concerts for the popular: The Glorious Sons. The band consist of: Brett Emmons, Jay Emmons, Chris Koster ,Adam Paquette and Josh Hewson. Frontman Brett Eamon barefooted across the stage and had the fans on their feet for the whole concert. Known for high-octane concerts that are every bit as relentless as their records, The Glorious Sons have honed a finely tuned live show after almost a decade of constant touring. 
Brett Eamon’s vocal howl and mean harmonica skills soar amidst the band’s trademark five-part vocal harmonies, pounding rhythms, gritty blues-tinged riffs and anthemic choruses. Rock and roll ain’t dead, and these brave revivalists prove it with every raucous note.

For the first time ever, The Nile Rogers Global Creators Award was given to two individuals. Singer, Songwriter and Record Producer, James Fauntleroy and Hip Hop and R&B Record Producer, Dion “No ID” Wilson. The award was followed by a Q&A with Merck Mercuriadis where we got into the minds of two of the most culturally important writers to hear how they found their love of music and songwriting. 

Hip Hop Legend Chuck D was onsite at CMW to accept the first annual Social Justice Honours Award and was interviewed by Merck Mercuriadis
“As artists, we have to understand the difference between spectacle and spectacular. Spectacle is what brings you to the place, spectacular is what keeps you. Matter of fact spectacular brings you back to the place on and on and over and over again. Spectacle gets you in there once, you better be spectacular after that”. – Chuck D.



Moderated by the legendary Bif Naked, the “Mental Health Discussion with Industry Experts” panel was definitely a highlight of the day. The panelists created a safe space where they shared their individual experience with mental health and how they’ve been able to prioritize their mental health within the music industry. One takeaway from this discussion is to try different forms of therapy until you find what works for you. Don’t give up after the first attempt.

A big shout-out to all the volunteers and thr hosts during the CMW Music Summit. Thank you to Tony Chapman, Rudy Blair and Teresa Nocita for doing an incredible job.

We would like to thank Damien Nelson, Want & Able Artists Consultant for the invitation to CMW 2022. We look forward to CMW 2023.