June 17

Dances With Films Los Angeles Premiere of “Lodo” Friday, June 17th, 2022

 “Lodo”  is directed & co-written by the TellyAward-winning Argentinian & Mexican California native (co-founder of the Highland Park Independent Film Festival  in East Los Angeles) Alessandro Gentile(in 2012 Gentile shot the television pilot for the Emmy-Winning “Schitt’s Creek,” “Lodo” is his directorial debut) and co-written & produced by Marita De Le Torre   (“When I Grow Up,” “Botes al Amanacer” and also a co-founder of the Highland Park Independent Film Festival in East Los Angeles); with director of cinematography Jeff Dolen (HBO’s “McMillion$,” “Maadathy: An Unfairy Tale”), and with original music composed by Ivan Carmanes Bohigas.

 “Lodo” starsLaura Patalono(“The L Word: Generation Q,” “Victor & Valentino”), Marita De Le Torre   (“When I Grow Up,” “Botes al Amanacer”), Daniel Edward Mora (“The Bridge,” “Band of Robbers”), and introducing Jayden Enamorado as Eru. Once again merging community and art, Gentile worked with Los Angeles non-profit organization  Operation Street Kidz to find their captivating lead in the young Enamorado.

“Lodo,” chronicling grief, family and the resiliency of the human spirit was shot   in mid-October in Los Angeles, when the veil is thin and the spiritual world collides with the earthly realm and that phenomenon is was so artfully captured onscreen. The filmmakers co-wrote a script drawing from references of untimely loss in their own lives – a youngest brother’s passing at the age of twenty-one, friends and family members including a collaborator and young mother who lost her battle with cancer a few years before filming. Yet, woven alongside the theme of eternal grieving, are the immeasurable themes of resiliency and hope. We cope with loss seeking connection to those who left us behind and with those who love us here on earth. 

The scenes written about family grieving and cleansing rituals with native medicine were carefully curated for authenticity, not only permitting but encouraging actors to use their own medicinal, familial words. During production, great care was taken that our little boy had the space and time needed to perform scenes of yearning for his mother and his venture into the spiritual world to find that connection. 

We appreciate your coverage consideration for this intimate ensemble drama timed to the upcoming DWF Los Angeles premiere for “Lodo.” Private screeners available upon request for interview, review & festival preview consideration. Thank you again for your incredible continued support of independent film! 

“Lodo”Synopsis:  Eru, a ten-year-old boy, starts his day accompanying his grandmother to the cemetery on the anniversary of his mother’s passing. Later, he returns near the cemetery to play soccer with his friend although the cemetery caretaker warns them not to out of respect. When the ball falls into the sacred grounds, Eru must enter. In his attempt to retrieve it, he falls into the mud surrounding a tree. Eru sinks into a trance-like state from unexpected encounters, haunting dreams and an unlikely visit from his mother’s spirit. Upon learning of her grandson’s actions at the cemetery, the knowing grandmother removes the energies affecting Eru using native medicine. After the cleanse and to his surprise, Eru learns the caretaker has been a guardian all along and has a message from his mother. These profound discoveries give Eru solace and a better feeling of the place he occupies in the world. 

About the Director:A son of hard-working immigrants from Argentina and Mexico, Alessandro Gentile grew up in the San Gabriel Valley where he learned two languages and expanded his imagination for storytelling. Currently Gentile is an award- winning cinematographer working in Los Angeles. In 2001, Gentile received his Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies from University of California at Santa Barbara. 

In 2012 Gentile shot the television pilot for the Emmy Winning Schitt’s Creek, created by Eugene & Daniel Levy (featuring Catherine O’Hara and Chris Elliott), the short film, Botes al Amanecer, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival and won three Best Short Film awards and Marisol a multi-award-winning short film and Academy Award qualifier. The Marisol script has been inducted into the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library. Gentile was acknowledged at the Brazil International Independent Film Festival with a Best Cinematography award for his work on the feature film Trade and has garnered two Telly Awards for innovation in youth education. Lodo is Gentile’s directorial debut. 

We would like to thank Annie Jeeves Publicist Cinematic Red PR for the press release and artist profile.