June 25

COLLISION Conference – June 20-23, 2022 – Enercare Centre, Toronto  

Toronto welcome back The Collision conference with open arms. The main events were held in the Enercare Centre during the daytime and it’s patrons filling different areas of the cities for the ”After Hours” events at night. It was impossible to go anywhere without seeing a Collision wristband for a few days and for good reason.

There is no greater opportunity to meet such a gamut of people from all ends of the tech industry. Not only did everybody convene over the course of three days at the festival, but Collision also hosted nightly events around the city to help promote networking. They took things one step further than just getting everybody into the same room though.

Each attendee had to be signed into Collision’s app, which allowed you to search for and message other members by name or company. Each attendee also had a qr code on their name badge, which when paired with the app, allowed attendees to save the name and info of the people they met throughout the conference. This made it wildly easy to make connections, and was an interesting new take on exchanging business cards.

The collision conference was sold out with 35,000 attendants from over 125 countries around the world. Collision has become the conference for the world’s biggest technology buyers/sellers and disruptive emerging tech companies to meet in Canada.

Collision Conference truly turned Toronto’s Enercare Centre into something impressive. With fresh ideas and new technology around every corner, the conference was filled with a number of different stages and seating areas to watch an array of talks as well as vendors and exhibitors showing off their newest feats. Talks were given by personalities such as: Ann Curry, Carmelo Anthony, MMA Cris Cyborg, The McLaren F1 race team, NFL player Leonard Fournette Damon Wayans Jr. ”Brampton Batman” and HHOF player Jayne Hefford to name a few from their star studded line up.

We would like to thank the organizers at Collision for the invitation to this event and we look forward to Collision in 2023.