June 26


Pop sensation Delon Om dropped his new EP,“Theatre Of Cruelty.”  The EP was produced by David Neale (Karl Wolf, Danny Fernandes, Carlos Morgan, Peter Jackson).  Neale, whose work has aired on BET, TSN, Breakfast Television & CNNHero’s, is a longtime associate of Om’s.   Andproducer J-Raj, widely recognized in the industry for his versatility in studio production and live performance work. J-Raj produced the hit remix of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ in collaboration with Dance with SL.  Om is coming off the success of his last EP, The Gentleman & Scholar with Canadian LatinAward winner, BENANTHONY LAVOZ. The EP produced the hot single, ‘One More Time.’  Omknew expectations were high for his next release. “Theatre Of Cruelty” brings it home for the multi-talented artist. 

 Om dedicated “Theatre Of Cruelty” to those who have witnessed cruelty in their own lives. Om draws on his personal life experiences living in a dysfunctional family and the pain that it caused, leading him to retreat into his music as a refuge against the pain.  Music never let him down.  “Theatre Of Cruelty” is that music.  The EP addresses racism, discrimination, sexism, and the toll on our mental and physical health.  Music can be a healing tool if you let it.  From the intro entitled“Theatre of Cruelty” which captures the legacy of residential schools and anti-Indigenous racism in Canada, to the lead single Someone Special to Me”that speaks to social media dysmorphia and young women, “Theatre Of Cruelty” will speak to you. Om’s voice is unforgettable. 

“Music can be a profound spiritual healing in our lives.  Music has saved me, and I hope it will find a place in your healing journey.”     Delon Om 

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Watch Delon’s New Music Video “Someone Special To Me” 

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