July 05

Bob Marley One Love Experience- Thurs.,June 30, 2022

By Sally W. 

It’s here!  With its North American debut in Toronto, we can finally see the long-awaited Bob Marley One Love Experience!  And it’s well worth the wait! Celebrating the life, the music and the legend of reggae musician Bob Marley.

The official opening on June 30th included special guest Cedella Marley, Bob’s daughter. Guests had the chance to say hello and discuss the exhibit about her father. And amongst the crowd with friends was Donesha, Bob’s granddaughter.

A couple in Caribbean Festival costumes of beautiful bright colours and feathers circulated amongst the guests for photos and to make us look forward to Toronto’s Caribbean Carnival this summer – back in person this year!

A delicious buffet of jerk chicken, rice and peas, salad and veggies increased our feel of being in the comfort of Jamaica. Bright colourful desserts. Adding more of that Caribbean feel at the Bar were drinks including Red Stripe bottled beer and rum punch.  A mini-concert was held with visitors moving to the beat. Wonderful! 

The Bob Marley Experience is divided into rooms. The first being the One Love Music Room decorated with lyrics, awards and one of the world’s biggest vinyl records Legend which is the biggest selling reggae album ever! 

Walking through The One Love Forest with its steam, lush tropical plants, scents and sounds, it’s as if you’re in Jamaica with the visual backdrop of the Marley songbook.  

At the Soul Shakedown Studio area we were given headphones for a silent reggae dance party. Nice experience listening to the music in the area while seeing displays. 

The Beautiful Life Zone shows us all of Marley’s interests – soccer and family all in a game room setting. Very unique! For fans of Bob Marley … and those who wanted to learn more about him… throughout the exhibit there were displays of first time seen photos, record awards and other unique memorabilia.  

Next the Concrete Jungle Street Art Expo. Enter the Concrete Jungle street by the backstage of a Marley concert. On display are original creations by world famous Mr. Brainwash. 

And the final area is the Next Gen Zone where Bob Marley’s family’s music is celebrated. His wife Rita. His adult children. Now his grandchildren who have all spread Marley’s message of One Love, his music, his philanthropy over the past decades. Visitors can write their own message of peace and inclusivity to put on the One Love Tree. A moment to reflect on the Bob Marley Experience and his impact on the world. 

The Bob Marley Experience is at the Lighthouse ArtSpace at 1 Yonge Street (Yonge & Queen’s Quay) Toronto. It’s a walk south from Union Station or King Street subways.  Who should go?  Marley fans, families, those who love reggae music or any music, those who appreciate art and music history and want to learn more about Bob Marley’s life. It’s all here. And it’s creatively and amazingly displayed. A must-see! 

One Love. One amazing experience. One beautiful tribute to an amazing musician, Bob Marley.   See it while you can!
Tickets available at    www.bobmarleyexp.com

We would like to thank Suzanne Cheriton, Red Eye Media for the invitation to this event.