July 06

The Tea Party@HISTORY-Sat.,July 3rd, 2022

By Wayne Baggs

History as a venue is beautiful; the crowd was energetic, and The Tea Party was amazing. Since their first album, Splendor Solis, I’ve been a fan.

Canada’s most misunderstood band. It was great to see them embracing their older material while still creating new music. The band sounded great and Jeff Martin’s voice is still as strong as ever! The crowd was so energetic and everyone around me was singing along with every song. It was like being at a party with all your best friends. The band members were super appreciative of the crowd and seemed sincerely glad to be performing for us. Overall, it was well worth the ticket price and I highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance!

The Tea Party’s Lineup:

Jeff Martin – vocalsguitarsitarsarodoudbanjomandolindumbekhurdy-gurdyesrajpercussiontheremin 

Stuart Chatwood – bass guitarguitarkeyboard instrumentsharmoniumpercussionmandolintamburacellolap steel guitarbass pedals 

Jeff Burrows – drum kitpercussiondjembegoblet drumstabla 

The Set List:

  1. The River(with snippet of Tool’s “Sober)
  2. The Bazaar
  3. Psychopomp
  4. Fire in the Head
  5. The Messenger(Daniel Lanois cover) (with snippet of The Tragically Hip’s “Bobcaygeon”)
  6. Black RiverPlay
  7. Heaven Coming Down(with snippet of U2’s “With or Without You”)
  8. Temptation
  9. Encore:
  10. Winter Solstice
  11. Sister Awake(with snippets of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” & David Bowie’s “Heroes”)

We would like to thank Jamie Crawford, Strut Entertainment for the invitation to this event