July 18

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lady vengeance poster


Lady Vengeance

Park Chan-wook

lady vengeance poster

Lady Vengeance

Introduction by Reel Asian Artistic Director Aram Siu Wai Collier on July 22

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The apotheosis of revenge wears red eyeshadow and an intense, angelic look in Park Chan-wook’s last entry in his dazzling Vengeance Trilogy. Lady Vengeance is a perilous venture into the psychology of a woman pursuing her personal sense of justice — without ever finding salvation. Lee Geum-ja (Lee Young-ae) has been imprisoned for 13 years for allegedly kidnapping and murdering a six-year-old boy. With her fascinating mixture of evil wisdom and naïveté, she wastes no time in winning over her cellmates’ sympathies; all the prisoners become instrumental in the scheme Geum-ja has meticulously drafted for her future as a free woman.

Walking a thin tightrope between compassion and repulsion, Park confidently masters the complex narrative of this scalding moral tale. He sculpts edgy characters whose strength is defined by their ambiguity: irreparably damaged by wrongs committed against them, their obsessive drive for revenge nonetheless takes on a sinister hue. Without failing to cast a piercing glance at a society that abandons its citizens to their own private rule of law, Lady Vengeance investigates the lonely recesses of a lucid, wounded mind and renders the astonishing portrait of a sombre heroine whose heart is as pure — and as cold — as snow.


Official Selection, 2005 Toronto International Film Festival

Content advisory: explicit violence, sexually suggestive scenes