August 02

SHINEDOWN-Planet Zero Tour with POP EVIL@HISTORY in Toronto-Fri.,July 22, 2022

By Sally Warburton

Jam-packed with concert-goers! Toronto’s music venue History had a sold-out crowd of SHINEDOWN fans ready for action and music on Friday, July 22. And that’s what they got!  OPENING Band Pop Evil was perfect to start the evening.    Lead singer and founding member Leigh Kakaty and the band Pop Evil with six albums out got the crowd going!

From the minute the hard rock band from Jacksonville, Florida hit the stage, SHINEDOWN’s lead singer Brent Smith created unity with the audience as he always does! Other band members Barry Kerch, Zach Myers and Eric Bass were ready to rock and so was the crowd. All loving every moment. Hardcore fans waited in line for hours to get front row spots… well worth it… wearing t-shirts with “I’ll follow you down through the eye of the storm.” and “I created the sound of madness.”

SHINEDOWN hit the stage with songs The Saints of Violence and Innuendo, Devil, Planet Zero and State of my Head. The fans were loving it all! Smith creates an emotional connection between the band and the audience. In big part due to his confessional lyrics. And his talks during the concert. The band’s beliefs and idea of family play a big role in what they do. The crowd loved it all. They were part of it… Smith’s words ‘You know the words. Feel free…’ and the crowd once again joined in singing.  Nearing the end of the nearly 2 hours of SHINEDOWN…it was hard for fans to accept the concert was coming to an end when hearing songs Simple Man, a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover song, and finally Sound of Madness.  A fantastic concert. And the SHINEDOWN fans loved it!!  

Smith said with emotion ‘This is the number show of the tour…Toronto.. It is a privilege to be here tonight. You could’ve done anything you wanted tonight and you decided to sell out the show here tonight.”   … and a very good decision it was! 

             “It’s never goodbye. It’s just ‘til next time.”    
Toronto’s newest music venue HISTORY owned by Live Nation Canada  is the perfect concert venue for SHINEDOWN. Even standing at the back, you have a great view of the stage and awesome acoustics. Well-stocked bars located all around, pizza slices, excellent service, clean facility, lots of great SHINEDOWN and Pop Evil merch for sale. Plus HISTORY is easily accessible by TTC Queen east streetcar.

We would like to thank Mahlet Sintayehu of Live Nation for the invitation to this event.