August 11

Immersive King Tut Experience in Toronto August 9, 2022

by Sally Warburton

There’s another immersive experience in Toronto! And it’s a great one, too! The Immersive King Tut Experience opening August 10th in Toronto is not to be missed! 

Once in the huge ‘immersive’ gallery room and when the Immersive King Tut show starts, you feel like you’re in a tomb. The walls break apart. The images slide into each other. 

Art found in King Tut’s tomb was recreated. It’s very powerful. The projected images are rooted in authenticity. Music and soundtrack totally add to the experience. The sandstorm with thunder and sweeping wind sounds are brilliant. The ancient Egyptian religion is explored. Discoveries from darkness to light. 

Massive beetles  (projected images only!!) scurry across the sand-covered floor! Yes! The floor is totally covered in sand! You are in the desert! You are in Ancient Egypt!  In Egyptian culture, the scarab beetle represents the eternal cycle of life… the symbol of birth, life, death and resurrection. 

Through this unique Immersive King Tut Experience you take a mythical trip to the Egyptian afterlife.  Projections include the sun as the Pharaoh Tutankhamun was the Sun of his Nation. The voyage goes through the underworld until triumph of eternal light and prosperity.

Lots of artifacts to see in the two spaces before the ‘immersive’ room. Many photo opportunities for your Instagrammable moments! Lots to learn…  King Tut was only 19 when he died! Interesting and fun for the kids, the family, out with friends or solo to spend time reflecting. It’s 100 years since the discovery of King Tut’s tomb! So now’s the time to learn more about it!  Well worth the visit! Opening August 10th.

The Immersive King Tut is held at The Lighthouse Artspace Toronto at One Yonge Street  corner of Queen’s Quay.  A walk from Union Station or King subway station.  Snacks and refreshments available to purchase on site.  Great souvenir gift shop area. Have fun! 
We would like to thank RedEye Media for the invitation to this event.