August 18


PHOENIX, AZ – Industrial metal band, Soundmankillz have released “Cold”, which is their third single off their Digital Dehumanization music series. Inspired by lead vocalist, Eddie Lopez channel surfing and stumbling on religious television shows, the single touches down on organized religion, the extremism and how it creates believers out of the weak.

“The song was written before (the previous single) “Trapped Inside Of Me”. I held back from releasing it because it’s very commercial, way more commercial than I felt I wanted to take the band, but still thought it was a cool song. It has this movie soundtrack, closing credits feel to it. Besides: whoever I played it for loved the shit out of it.” – Frontman, Eddie Lopez on “Cold”
“My contribution to the song (as it is most of them) is the guitar solo and the little atmospheric guitar sounds. On this one, I really wanted to have that eerie/spooky Randy Rhoads-type of sound to it. I definitely took inspiration from the “Diary of a Madman” solo, and applied it to my solo in “Cold” which I’m super proud of!” – Guitarist, Jared Bakin on “Cold”

ABOUT SOUNDMANKILLZ – After 13 years in E-Bomb, frontman, Eddie Lopez rebranded the name and the sound to start industrial metal band, Soundmankillz in 2013. The Phoenix-based band had recruited guitarist, Jared Bakin while undergoing major changes in 2018. Bassist/backing vocalist, Jeremy Baca could have easily become the SMK drummer, as he grew up playing the drums. He still uses his “drummer mindset” when writing bass parts.
“In terms of inspiration on writing I always start with my drums first. If the drums aren’t solid the rest of the song is typically a wash. From there the melodies but the idea of the bass starting as a percussion instrument first, giving the kick drum a voice, really helps the flow of where the part is going to go next for the rest of the song,” – bassist, Jeremy Baca on songwriting
Fast-forward to early 2021: drummer, Dan Johnson (from the Christian rock bands, Red and Brian “Head” Welch from Korn’s band, Love and Death) had originally expected to only be part of the “Black Skies” video, then officially joined Soundmankillz in early 2021 after quickly becoming good friends with the group. Essentially, joining Soundmankillz was an easy decision for all.
“I love the style of music. The guys are just so freaking nice, we get along so well and the chemistry is great so that’s a huge plus. Joining the band just kind of fell into my lap, really. I only expected to do the music video, but I did not expect to end up being part of the band and becoming such good friends with these guys.” – Dan Johnson on joining Soundmankillz