August 30

FANEXPO – Thurs., Aug.25th-Sun., Aug. 28th, 2022 @ M.T.C.C.

By Nicholas Chan & Sally Warburton

Fan Expo Canada returned on August 25th-28th, 2022. This year, I think everyone in attendance felt a kind of normalcy. As in previous years, it was hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars,  Marvel, Disney, Cosplay, or just love seeing people dress as their favorite characters, the attendees at this years expo were certainly not holding back on expressing their creativity. People came from all across the globe to attend this annual expo!

Like last year, The Celebrity autograph area, Celebrity discussion panels, and photo Op section were concentrated in the North Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. While the Cosplay Red carpet, Cosplay Booths, Vendor Booths, Artist alley with all their favourite artists, creators and writers were in the South Building. It was a nice feeling this year at FanExpo, as it was at full capacity, and you could see all the excitement in people’s faces and how kids would react to people dressing up as their favorite character. E-Sports put on a spotlight this year, with live competitions, where attendees could compete with the pros!

Fan Expo Canada, announced some stellar guest appearances. Although some were cancelled due to scheduling conflicts, fans were surprised with last minute additions, such as cast members of Netflix hit show, Stranger Things, the Amazon hit show, The Boys (filmed in Toronto by the way!), Jay and Silent Bob and Sons of Anarchy! We also saw Michael Rooker and Carl Weathers make appearances this year, and they were a huge hit with the fans! We still had our classic celebrity appearances, such as: William Shatner (Star Trek) and Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and some cast members from The Lord of the Rings. 

There were thousands of people dressed up in their favorite cosplays, and of course we have our favorite Masters of Cosplay, such as Jillea (Social: WhoisJillea), Luckygrim (IG: luckygrim), LeeLeeTheBunny (IG: leeleethebunny), Hendo Art (IG: Hendoart) and Luxsteez (IG: Luxsteezcosplay). We enjoyed seeing all the attendees taking photos with their favorite cosplayers, having a quick chat with them and sharing cosplay craft ideas. 

We always look forward to each and every Fan Expo for the years to come and we would like to thank the team at Touchwood PR for the invitation to this event.