September 13

Week One Is Done In The NFL !

It was the start of the new season for the NFL for 2022. There were nine games in the early slate of the first Sunday of the NFL season. Five of them were decided by three or fewer points. Six of them featured fourth-quarter lead changes. Five of them featured a team coming back from a double-digit deficit to tie or take the lead. Two of them went to overtime.

What a disaster for the SF 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, and Tennessee Titans. The 2021 division champs had a horrible showing in the first game of the new 2022 NFL season.  

The Trey Lance project may end before it’s give a chance. Jimmy G. maybe coming off the bench sooner than later. It was a disaster, and letting the Chicago Bears come back to win the game.

The Bengals lost to Pittsburgh Steelers team that forced four Joe Burrow interceptions and had their top kicker miss chip shot after chip shot. The rest of the AFC North won which puts the Bengals already in the hole one week in. 

Green Bay Packers, lost this weekend and on top of losing a top wide receiver and pass rusher in the offseason, it showed on Sunday. The Minnesota Vikings dominated the Packers throughout in a 23-7 route. The Packers will be fine because Aaron Rodgers usually struggles in week one, but the Vikings are far more improved than people realize.  The Dallas Cowboys lost their Sunday night contest. Dropping a 19-3 slow paced game to Tampa Bay at home wasn’t the only problem though. The offensive line struggled, and the defense couldn’t get a pass rush. The poor performance was compounded by Dak Prescott being on it for the next 2 months with a broken thumb. 
The highlights were:

Carson Wentz, in his first game as a Commanders quarterback, led a fourth-quarter comeback against Jacksonville. Jameis Winston and Daniel Jones both led fourth-quarter comebacks of their own to help their team push out wins in the final minutes. 

Jalen Hurts was the main reason the team beat the up and coming Detroit Lions squad as well.
The Monday Night game wasn’t successful for the return of Russell Wilson, as his old team Seattle Seahawks beat Wilson’s Denver Broncos 17-16.

We’re off to week 2 !