September 15

CLUTCH @ REBEL-September, 13th, 2022

By Wayne Baggs
How to get the attention of the packed Rebel night club? Clutch started it all from the beginning, still hitting hard, Passive Restraint, an EP from 92, their first commercial release. Clutch is not simply coasting on a reputation like some bands. For 20 songs, Clutch had the peddle to the metal, spanning their career, grabbing from ten of their thirteen albums. Including two from the recently released Sunrise on Slaughter Beach. Clutch, unlike many bands, has the guys taking turns making the set lists for every concert. Something I wish more bands would do. A great way to keep the songs fresh. Also great for the fans. Clutch are and always have been Neil Fallon (v), Tim Sult (g), Dan Maines (b), and Jean-Paul Gaster (d). This purely talented group of guys showed up and did their job, like they have since 1991. Clutch let the music carry the show. They deliver the songs, the sound, with an energy their fans respond to that never disappoints. Clutch’s music gets people moving, and the high energy performance had the crowd doing that for the full set. Making its live debut, Skeletons on Mars shows the band is still putting out great music. Clutch is excellent from start to finish with a passion second to none. Neil Fallon, everything you want in a front man, an animated, powerful presence with an energy level that is very infectious. Neil didn’t slow down all night. Part of the magic is how Neil’s vocals fit great with the bluesy hard sound they can call their own. This was a knowledgeable Clutch crowd glued to the performance for the entire show. Complete with a mosh pit, not that I joined in. If they played for two nights, I’d go to both. It’s worth the drive, where ever that might be.