TIFF 2022 – While We Watched

The film by Vinay Shukla is a powerful and new must see: WHILE WE WATCHED, shows a sense of hope in a uncertain time for journalists and media.

WHILE WE WATCHED is documentary about broadcast journalist Ravish Kumar of India’s NDTV, and a newsroom drama that showcases what it’s like being an Indian TV personnel, with the film set in India.

Kumar is in trouble while being distinguished for his spotlight in showcasing corruption of the ruling establishment during his long-running primetime news hour. But time has taken a toll on the media personality. Ravish is receiving endless of intimidation, harassment threats to his life and uttering violence against his family.  Free speech of the press has dwindled and self-censorship becomes the new normal. Kumar struggles to stay steady in his own network’s gambit of problems.  In the public eye, Ravish’s drive for truth in journalism has gotten him in trouble before and now, but with a fan base and being in the spotlight for along time.

The ongoing troubles at the station and his personal life has Ravish transforming into a worrisome soul who has to keep his head above water for his family, himself, his country and the media agency he is employed by. 

The trend of misinformation fact-based news could apply to any number of countries from Russia to the United States and Canada.