TIFF 2022 – HUNT-From Squid Game’s Lee Jung-Jae

Hunt is a exciting shoot ’em up and brawler action movie, with undertones of an espionage mystery. The directorial debut from  Squid Game’s Lee Jung-Jae, who also stars, is set during the 1980’s as tensions between North and South Korea mount.

In South Korea, government agents are attempting to expose the identity of a mole nicknamed Donglin, who has been delivering secrets to the North, this “HUNT” involves various agencies and operations.

From breakneck chase scenes, to double crosses and questionable loyalties where pretty much everyone is shooting at everyone, this Korean film is action packed from start to end. Uncovering Donglin’s true identity kept every character on their toes, setting them on a path involving shootouts, car chases, and loads of bloodshed right till the end of the movie.