October 01

Legends of Horror 2022-Zombie Apocalypse@ Casa Loma-Thursday,September 29, 2022

By  Sally Warburton     

Boo! We know Halloween is approaching when Legends of Horror returns to Casa Loma!  The outside forested area in the lower gardens and the tunnels of Casa Loma are transformed into a walking theatrical event. Climbing the steps  – there are lots, so wear comfortable shoes for the 2km walk! You walk along the paths seeing scary real people and props. Ghosts and zombies jumping out at you! This environmental theatre is held half outside and half inside.

So dress for the weather! Mid way is the bar entertainment area held in the glassed building where you can enjoy a drink with friends. From there you get a view of Casa Loma with its immersive projections – spooky and in flames! The water fountain turned into a bloodbath of red water! Very unique!

Then the adventure continues in the tunnels of Casa Loma which we never see as visitors to Casa Loma! So many different rooms, props, scary things to see! A fun and active activity to do with your friends or as a family. Note family hours differ as they are earlier and less scary for children. Open now and runs to October 31

Check out the website casaloma.ca  for tickets and info.