October 04

The Highs And Lows Of Week 4 In The NFL

Sunday was totally exciting this week as parity is alive and well in the NFL. The Las Vegas Raiders won their first game for coach Josh McDaniels, the New Jets won again and the surprising Seattle Seahawks won with Geno Smith. Who knew ?

Some of the “bad notes “ of week 4 were :

QB Baker Mayfield of the Carolina Panthers and maybe a change will be in the cards for the Panthers. QB Mitchell Trubisky of the Pittsburgh Steelers and eventually being benched. Kenny Pickett looks like the new starter for the Steelers and maybe T.J. Watts will be back soon from his injury, as their defence looked decimated without him. The big collapse of the Baltimore Ravens and bad coaching decisions of coach John Harbaugh vs. the Buffalo Bills. A huge comeback for the Bills this week.

A quick recovery to Tua and a bounce back for the Miami Dolphins.