October 08

Birds Of A Feather is the first solo show of birdO

By Steph C.

I was so close.

I was so close to having a piece of Toronto legend on my living room wall.

Birds Of A Feather is the first solo show of birdO. Who is birdO? No one really knows. This street artist has only been seen with an eagle mask and goes by his high school nickname, Jerry Rugg.
His art, however, most Torontonians have seen. His most recent work is the deer mural across from St. Clair subway station; a colourful tribute to the Deer Park neighbourhood which spans over 10 storeys. A giant yellow bird near the Village by the Grange is Rugg’s biggest piece to date. birdO not only adds colour to our city but also internationally gracing towering canvases in Chicago, Puerto Rico, Shanghai and many other major cities around the world.

Tonight is the first time where people can enjoy birdO’s art at eye-level and can even take it home with them. The electric purple feathers on one of the birds captured my attention immediately and attracted me to the dream of the forest reflected on the bird’s iris. The painting is beautifully layered; the composition is neat and clean.
A perfect balance of realism, geometric shapes and organic elements. The collection featured tonight is vibrant with brilliantly hued backdrops. The details on the birds make it feel like they are ready to fly out of the painting at any moment.

Birds Of A Feather opens October 7 and runs until October 21, 2022 at the Taglialatella Galleries on 99 Yorkville Ave, Toronto.

I might still have another chance with the painting.