October 10

A Yawner For The Thursday Night NFL Matchup Between The Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos

The Indianapolis Colts struggled through the Thursday night game with a 12-9 overtime victory, but plenty of Broncos fans who attended the contest didn’t wait to see how it would play out. The Colts kicker Chase McLaughlin hit the game-tying field goal with five seconds left in regulation.

The Broncos’ fans left early and it was a tie game at 9-9 with 5 seconds left in regulation time. The frustration on the field and off the field is really showing. Week six will need a lot of revamping by the Broncos or else we’ll see another mass exodus of the Bronco faithful.

Now NFL fanatics have to wait til Sunday for 12 hours of Pigskin mayhem for week 5.