October 19

re:book’s is thrilled to announce its’ debut author Danielle Kaplan and her memoir: I Married A Thrill-Seeker: A Cautious Wife’s Memoir of Her Husband’s Risk-Taking and Their Long Road to Recovery.  

A remarkable true tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. — Leora EisenDocumentary filmmaker 


** by Danielle Kaplan ** 


Being a free spirit almost cost him everything 

For fans of incredible memoirs of trauma and recovery and for anyone living and loving a risk-taker, comes one man’s struggle to overcome a one percent chance at survival as told through the eyes of his wife, his high school sweetheart, who was his greatest ally… 

re:book’s is thrilled to announce its’ debut author Danielle Kaplan and her memoir: I Married A Thrill-Seeker: A Cautious Wifes Memoir of Her Husbands Risk-Taking and Their Long Road to Recovery.  

When Danielle Kaplan’s type-A and adrenaline-junkie husband, Stephen Kaplan — former CFO and CEO of Deciem Beauty Group — sets off to take one last solo road trip on his BMW R1200GS Enduro motorcycle, from Toronto, Ontario to near Fairbanks, Alaska, Danielle knows it’s the last ‘adrenaline rush’trip he’ll take on the bike–hes promised to give it up for good

So, when Danielle husband sets off for his last solo free-spirited ride, he expects to make it home–no drama, no unnecessary risks, just the freedom of the open road and the wind on his face. But it’s the ending neither of them dreamed of when he crashes on a remote highway in the Yukon, and its hours before he can receive medical treatment, his life changed in an instant.  

The treacherous stretch of road between Carmacks and Watson Lake in the Yukon called the Campbell Highway was incredibly dangerous in the rain. Steve hit a pothole and crashed–and what follows is a true testament of luck, love, and incredible fortitude as his injuries leave him with a less than one percent survival rate

This harrowing, heartfelt memoir of Danielle’s experiences during Steve’s tragic injuries and his incredible journey to recovery as she becomes his ally in regaining his health, attempting to understand his adrenaline-junkie antics and must come to terms with everything that’s happened with living and loving a thrill-seeker and the toll this trauma will have on her life and family. 

As a former speech pathologist, Danielle becomes her husband’s greatest ally–fighting by his side the entire time, through every step forward and step back, as Steve regains his health after the tragic accident. 

And from the months they spend in the hospital to her husband’s eventual recovery, she reveals her truthful, mixed emotions about everything from the life saving measures used to keep him alive to the unbearable decisions she had to make about their family. This heartfelt, raw story contains the essence of the human spirit, and is filled with both determination and love. 

RAW, HONEST STORY: Danielle’s straightforward storytelling results in an open, unflinching look at the realities of a trauma of this magnitude. 

MIRACLES DO HAPPEN: There are so many miraculous elements to the story–from the SPOT device landing close enough to alert the authorities to the life-saving techniques of modern medicine–that prove both undeniably meaningful and attractive to readers. 

MEDICAL EXPERIENCE: Danielle’s own medical experiences allows for insights into trauma and recovery unseen by non-medical professionals. This allows for an element of expertise in the novel that could appeal to medical and non-medical professionals alike. 

Danielle Kaplan (and/or her husband Stephen Kaplan) are available to discuss: 

  • Being a “cautious wife” or ‘risk-adversed’ and what it’s really like to live, love and be married to a thrill-seeker/Adrenaline Junkie/Sensation-Seeker 

  • Why they went to couple’s therapy over her husband’s craving of adrenaline rush.   

  • How she had to learn to accept a family member or loved one who enjoys taking part in extreme activities, involving physical risk. And how her husband had to learn how it feels to be married to a Thrill- Seeking, from his wife’s point of view.  

  • Why do people thrill-seek? The high thrill and minimal stress may drive sensation-seekers to repeatedly seek out new, exciting experiences. (The brain releases more dopamine in high sensation-seekers.)  

  • The many miraculous elements to the story–from the SPOT device landing close enough to alert the authorities to the life-saving techniques of modern medicine. 

  • Whether thrill-seeking is a characteristic or trait that people are born with. Some researchers maintain that about 20 percent of us are thrill-seekers, or know one, and how thrill-seekers have different brain chemistry than others. 

  • How she wrote it from a medical expert’s point of view as well as writing it from a loving wife’s POV. 

  • How to make life or death medical decisions on behalf on someone you love who can’t. 

  • The truck driver who miraculously found and rescued him. And how they went back to Alaska when he was recovered to visit him and his family. 

  • The impossible toll the accident and something of this magnitude took on the entire family, including their two teenagers. 

  • The friendships made at hospitals, especially on the trauma ward and the medical mysteries that helped saved her husband’s life.  

  • How her husband now copes and does he still Thill-Seek? 

  • How Stephen read his wife’s memoir and what he did and didn’t remember from his accident and miraculous recovery. 

Author Bio: 

Danielle Kaplan is a speech-language pathologist and movement specialist. She grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and holds a master’s degree in Speech Pathology. She and her husband Steve emigrated to Canada, where she spent twenty years working in acute teaching hospitals, in Neurology, Neurosurgery, and spinal injury. Danielle gained a certification in Pilates and then went on to train further in movement while achieving her Personal Training certification (CanfitPro), Ballet Barre for fitness training and then received her Rehab Exercise Specialization Certification. The mother of two, she lives with her husband Steve and their two fur babies in Toronto, Ontario. I Married A Thrill-Seeker is her first book. 

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