October 25

The Flaming Lips@HISTORY-Sat.,Oct.22nd,2022

The sold-out Flaming Lips concert at History in Toronto was nothing less than a spectacular visual and aural presentation. Elaborate stage effects match the symphonic neo-psychedelic sounds Flaming Lips fans expect and they are not disappointed. Starting the night off with lead singer Wayne Coyne encased in his trade-mark clear bubble, the band launched into Sagittarius Silver Announcements. A large LED screen makes up the entire backdrop of the stage. Not only does this provide impressive lighting effects, but it also played the lyrics for every song so everyone could sing along.

Wayne encourages noise from the crowd and feeds off the participation. Flaming Lips deliver some deep philosophical thoughts through a fabulously fun presentation. They present some dark subjects about the human condition in a visual and musical creation unlike any other. Wayne Coyne constantly reminded us to shine a light on each other, to make sure we are all OK. The set was a brilliant mix of songs from the deep to the new. New being At The Movies on Quaaludes, from the 2020 American Head album. No show is complete without the appearance of the 15 foot inflatable Yoshimi robot brought out during the great “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt1” More confetti and balloons to follow. My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion starts off the four-song encore, to the delight of the now-spinning crowd. Give the people what they want is Flaming Lips in concert. Bravo!!.

Set List:
1-Sagittarius Silver Announcement
2-Silver Trembling Hands
3-Do You Realize??
4-Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear
6-Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1
(Madonna cover)
8-At the Movies on Quaaludes
9-Assassins of Youth
10-Waitin’ for a Superman
11-Always There, In Our Hearts
12-Will You Return / When You Come Down
13-Be Free, a Way
14-Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell
15-She Don’t Use Jelly
16-Moth in the Incubator
17-My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
18-Worm Mountain
(the venue’s smoke alarms were… more )
19-All We Have Is Now

We would like to thank Rick Gershon of Warner Records for the invitation to this event.