October 31

Joe Satriani’s EARTH TOUR@The Danforth Music Hall-Sat.,Oct.29th,2022

By Wayne Baggs

When going to see Joe Satriani perform, one thing is certain: he doesn’t bring crap. Joe, a master of the guitar, and he will surround himself with other masters. Extraordinary drummer Kenny Aronoff, who has played with countless others, is one. Rai Thistlethwayte, a fabulous keyboardist from Australia, is another. The interplay between Rai and Joe is reminiscent of Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer. Yes, that’s good. Rai also helps on the guitar throughout the night. Rounding things out in the bottom end is bass master Bryan Beller.

Pedal to the metal Nineteen Eighty got the Earth Tour pumping right out of the gate. There is no letting up now. Joe quickly kicks into Sahara from the recently released album, The Elephant From Mars. Few guitarists can play with the technique and skill Joe has. Fewer still can keep a crowd engrossed for three hours without vocals. With two sets and an encore comprising thirty songs, Joe and the band did just that.

Pulling from a catalog spanning over thirty years gives Joe plenty to keep the fans happy while still pulling from the most recent material. Joe isn’t sitting on his laurels comfortable with past achievements. His new album and this tour show that Joe is still relevant and very much pushing his creativity. You can feel it when these guys play. They are up there having fun kicking ass. This was a crowd of knowledgeable, enthusiastic fans. Appreciative of what they were experiencing. Not just the outstanding musical performance, but also the incredible light and video show. Joe’s music has always had themes of Sci-Fi weaved through it, and partnering the videos with the music work to an impressive effect. For the last song, Joe breaks into “Surfing With the Alien” and the place erupts. Expectations met Joe. Thanks for a great night of sound and sight. Bravo!!!


Joe Satriani – Guitars

Kenny Aronoff – Drums

Bryan Beller – Bass

Rai Thistlethwayte – Keyboards

The Set List:

  1. Nineteen Eighty
  2. Sahara
  3. The Elephants of Mars
  4. Ice 9
  5. Thunder High on the Mountain
  6. One Big Rush
  7. Blue Foot Groovy
  8. Flying in a Blue Dream
  9. Spirits, Ghosts and Outlaws
  10. Faceless
  11. Crystal Planet
  12. Summer Song
  13. Break
  14. Drum Solo(Kenny Aronoff)
  15. E 104th St NYC 1973
  16. Keyboard Solo(Rai Thistlethwayte)
  17. Cool #9
  18. Ali Farka, Dick Dale, an Alien and Me
  19. Shapeshifting
  20. Teardrops
  21. Luminous Flesh Giants
  22. If I Could Fly
  23. Always With Me, Always With You
  24. Satch Boogie
  25. Encore:
  26. Crowd Chant
  27. Surfing With the Alien

We would like to thank Melissa Dragich, MAD INK PR for the invitation to this event.