December 01

Iconic Canadian Singer/Songwriter Lisa Hartt Releases Heartwrenching “Don’t Tell Me How I Feel” Ahead Of ‘Arrival’ EP


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Lisa Hartt lays every single emotion on the table with her new heartfelt EP ‘Arrival’. Landing on January 2023, this EP is forty years in the making. Drawing on every raw emotion, Lisa has produced a storytelling masterpiece that delivers the themes of health, mindfulness, body, and spirit. The first single, “Don’t Tell Me How I Feel” will be released in November 2022. 

Born in Montreal, Lisa grew up in La Tuque and Dorval, Quebec, where she started an early career in music in 1960 at the young age of just 10. Lisa then went on to have a wide and varied career that spanned the world, from London to Cairo. Throughout the 60s and 70s, Lisa toured with a score of seasoned musicians before coming back to Canada and setting up The Lisa Hartt Band. With a varied vocation in music through the 80s and 90s, Lisa eventually developed her sounds into holistic and transformative living to become a Sound Practitioner and Reiki Master, combining her vocal talents with world instruments and the ancient practice of Reiki.

Now making a home in Port Credit, ON, ‘Arrival’ is Lisa’s first outing for several years where she has delved deep into her soul to bring a very personal and sensitive reflection on 40 years of recovery and sobriety. These tracks have been floating around Lisa’s mind and it wasn’t until the pandemic, she decided to record them.

The vocals and acoustics were recorded by Lisa in her home studio before sending them off to Chris Birkett, a multi-talented producer, and musician from 2Mounties. This collaboration allowed Lisa to explore her folk, soul, jazz, and rock roots. 

Lisa’s influences of gentle folk, soul, rhythm, and blues with a rock edge give a backbone that runs right through her EP.

The first single, “Don’t Tell Me How I Feel” reflects on her relationship with her brother and his mental illness which he finally succumbed to. A strong bond between the two, Lisa explains that it was never about trying to ‘fix him’ but just to hear him.

Don’t judge me by the way I look, or by the words I use

Don’t think you know my feelings until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes.

‘Wasted’ is a tale of Lisa’s battle with self-sabotage while she was out on the road in the 60s and 70s. Hard touring and hard drinking took its toll, with Lisa’s family reaching out to help.

Cinderella, where you been all night?

I’ve been to a show mama,

Telling everyone where to go mama,

Now I am coming home to you… wasted.

‘Sail Away’ laments a tale of a powerful overbearing sea and storm. Crashing in the hold is effective at manifesting this rage and despair that finally takes the protagonist into its deep dark depths.

Finally, ‘Tell the Truth’ is about Lisa’s realization and reflection on her long and winding journey. An adventure that takes you to the lowest of the lows before rising like a phoenix from the other side.

Lisa Hartt puts everything on the line here with her ‘Arrival’ EP. Welcome to the next journey of Lisa’s life and expect more music to be released in the months ahead.

The first single “Don’t Tell Me How I Feel” was released on November 11, 2022 while ‘Arrival’ will be released in January, 2023.