December 06

Tortured Soul Wants You To “Take The Day Off” For Their New Album Available November 25th, 2022






Productivity is certainly the key to morale; however, sometimes you have to press pause and live out a fantasy. Much of this album is dedicated to the idea of playing hooky–and it’s much more fun to play hooky with a partner in crime than to go it alone. Let Tortured Soul be your “bad” influence. Let it be our fault that you decide to shirk your responsibilities for a bit. No judgement here. We advocate guilt-free hedonism for a day, or two. 

That being said, descending too far into the depths of hedonism has its consequences. It can make you emotionally weak, cause unnecessary anguish, and make you fixate on a reality that doesn’t actually exist, so beware of spiraling out of control. Keep your wits about you, and a day off could do magic for your soul. And guess what? Taking a chance and taking that day off with us might just be a springboard for an exciting new relationship! Or a new chapter in a long-standing one… 

Champagne anyone? 

Take the Day Off by Tortured Soul will be available on November 25th, 2022 from Tstc Music through Slammin Media, and distributed by Believe Distribution.


1. Take the Day Off (4:43)

2. It’s Your Turn (feat. Saucy Lady) (5:22)

3. U Live 2 Far Away (4:20)

4. Let’s Get Naked (6:41)

5. It’s Kind of Late (4:50)

6. When I Let You Inside (4:38)

7. Your Body Doesn’t Lie (4:28)

8. Dancing in the Corner With My Favorite Girl (4:30)

9. It’s So Easy (feat. Dannielle DeAndrea) (4:04)

10. You’re the Same (5:04)

11. Makin’ Me Better (4:31)

12. I Wish You Were Here (feat. Lisa Shaw) – John Christian Urich Mix (7:03)