December 14

MYANMAR DIARIES three-time winner at Berlinale 2022


Icarus Films has acquired distribution rights across all markets in the U.S. and Canada for Myanmar Diaries. The film, which won three prizes at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, has qualified for the forthcoming Academy Awards in the Best Documentary category.

Myanmar Diaries was made by the anonymous Myanmar Film Collective. It is comprised of short films, both narrative and documentary, that show Myanmar’s transition from military coup to nation-wide protests and civil disobedience; to brutal repression where thousands of protesters are imprisoned and murdered; and then to a growing popular armed revolt against the country’s military junta.

Accepting their awards at Berlin, the filmmakers described their film as “an expression of the pain and suffering our country has suffered since the military coup. It is a cry of injustice. And a demand that the world take notice. Not ignore us. Let the film become the statement that says ‘No More.’ Let the film be a voice for the people who have no voice.

“We hope Myanmar Diaries will be a historical testament to remind us, and warn us and future generations about what must never happen again: that a country’s freedom can be taken away from it. We feel it our ethical duty to capture this horror on film. What has happened in Myanmar is not just a threat against the people of Myanmar, but against the principle of democracy and human rights in the entire world. If we allow any dictator to act as they want with impunity, it paves the way for the next monster to follow.”