December 17

KRAMPUS BALL@The Opera House-Sat., Dec.10th,2022

It has been 10 years of alternative celebrations during the Xmas season! This was a can’t miss event during the festive season
Costumes were encouraged, but not mandatory that didn’t scare away the patrons, as all were welcome on a Saturday night at The Opera House.

There was a FREE ALL AGES PARADE along Queen St. East, and a stop over at a park for a fire show. Even though the weather was -3C.

The Party began at 10:15 pm with pulsating industrial, gothic and rock n’roll music such as: Ministry, Nine Inch Nails and Frontline Assembly to name a few of the bands being played by the DJ. There were performances, dancing and an overall fun vibe.

HAIL KRAMPUS, and if you can make it to the Christmas 2023 event, please join us for the alternative festivities.