December 20

Victoria-Based Singer/Songwriter Christine Savard Is Back After Three-Year Hiatus With “Wicked Woman”


“Wicked Woman” YouTube and Spotify


Christine Savard’s first single in three years proves that motherhood hasn’t slowed down her rocking style. The Victoria-based singer/songwriter/producer’s “Wicked Woman” adds to the classic tradition of love-at-your-own-risk songs with her smoky-smooth vocals, flowing melody line, pulsating bass, and no-nonsense lyrics:

‘Cause she’s a wicked, wicked woman 

She’ll take your heart out without warning 

Then she’ll make you carry the burden. 

The track’s multilayered instrumentation features strings, synths, sax, lap steel guitar, a flute solo, and a siren introduction—for the lady is a siren, after all—to cinematic effect.

In addition, the multitalented Savard co-produced and co-directed the song’s video, a stunning mix of vintage and modern atmosphere. The action takes place at a lavish 1930s mansion (once owned by a grifting business mogul who went on the lam). A pair of female dancers add a frisson of dark sensuality as they interact with Savard, the Wicked Woman herself, and the hapless lover who doesn’t take the singer’s advice until it’s almost too late. As the contrasts between the luxe and shady elements play against the song’s complex arrangement, the results demand multiple listens and multiple viewings.

Christine Savard grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and currently calls Victoria, British Columbia, home. Her music reflects a wide range of influences from Fiona Apple to Led Zeppelin, and her sonic journeys have taken her from producing electronic dance tracks to opening for live bands on acoustic piano and vocals.

We would like to thank Eric Alper for the artist profile and press release.