December 22

Singer-Songwriter Sharron Katz Releases “Santa Soulmate” Just In Time For The Holidays


“Santa Soulmate” YouTube and Spotify


Canadian through and through, Sharron Katz’s gentle soulful storytelling gives us an original special holiday song ‘Santa Soulmate.’ Arriving now, the single shows Katz’s ability to deliver truthful emotion straight from the heart without any frills.

Throughout the track, there is Alanis Morrisette style-storytelling present with a foundation of roots, blues, and folk. Plus, an added nod to the 90s with a Seattle-sounding production, delivering a welcoming nostalgia to Katz’s sound.

‘Santa Soulmate’ gives us a holiday track with a surprise beginning. Katz explains how the song was born out of sorrow and being alone at Christmas. She explains openly how the song had an emotional foundation. 

“Well, it was going to be another Jewish Christmas — Chinese food and a movie. So, I sat in bed, crying, and suddenly I picked up my guitar and began writing a Christmas song.”

With a surprise twist and with a new lease on life, Katz brings us a fresh vision for the song. Reworking the track to bring a more untroubled holiday tune. ‘Santa Soulmate’ is about manifesting the perfect Santa that comes and brings joy to the life of the protagonist of the song.

“If I could dream up my perfect guy

He’d be just like Santa, funny kind and wise

He’s care about his fellow man, do the things he’d say

See the world with loving eyes each and every day”

The idea of the perfect Santa whether he’s a friend, companion, or lover comes across in this heartfelt track by Katz. Like ‘Leaving Eden’ Katz brings us Alanis Morrisette’s unburdened truth and storytelling alongside gentle pianos, acoustics, bass, and drums. And of course, jingle bells being added to the song gives this the instant Christmas sound that it deserves. 

The original version started with Katz on vocals and acoustic with James Mallin and Myke Mazzei on guitars and bass duties. The revamped version brings in Don Baird on keys and Katz’s husband Mike McCullough adds Santa’s persona and those ever-important jingle bells, as well as fine-tuning the production and engineering.

“Santa Soulmate” showcases what a talent Sharron Katz is and is available on all music platforms now.