January 22

IDS Toronto-Interior Design Show 2023- Preview- Moving Parts: Design For A Complex World, And The Opening Night Party-Thursday, January 19 to Sunday, January 22, 2023-MTCC

By A.J.Lam

IDS Toronto, the much anticipated annual display of the ultimate in interior design, opened with a media preview of the new foray of Caesarstone into its innovative porcelain and natural materials, Miele’s amazing sustainable products, and much more from the many design-forward exhibitors.  The Opening Night Party on Thursday, January 19, allowed party-goers the ability to dance to  the vibrant tunes of the DJs, drink wines or non-alcohol Seedlip, and enjoy the many creative interior design displays, including the winning booth display of curvaceous wood framing the northern lights, and the colourful photographic tunnel immersive art installation, BALANCE by Cristina Sideris, with its beautiful happiness-inducing brightly-lit images of rural and urban Canada.  With the addition of a variety of seminars and talks, such as with design superstars Paolo Ferrari and Brian Gluckstein, design professionals and lovers had much to see and do at IDS Toronto.

MOVING PARTS asks: how are contemporary designers creating, sourcing, producing and distributing products in an ever-changing landscape?
Designers are now faced with a reality that requires not only creativity but ongoing adaptation, leading to a new way of working – building constant change and flexibility into their practice. In the last three years, interior designers, architects and manufacturers have torn up the rulebook.

The pandemic re-configured our lives, from how we furnish our home and office to what constitutes a work day. Following the pandemic, global events changed shipping, manufacturing and pricing. Alongside these phenomena, society has accepted and realized the urgency of the climate crisis – yet another factor re-framing consumer choices.

At IDS 2023, visitors will experience the Moving Parts of the design world: products incorporating sustainable materials and components, designs adapting to how humans want to live and interact now, and work resulting from reinvented manufacturing.