January 24

Yung Pre, who has just shared his new single “Underdog”

Yung Pre Shares New Single “Underdog”


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Yung Pre is a rising rapper from Lexington, Kentucky, who has been making waves in the hip-hop scene with his distinctive sound and relatable lyrics. With a goal to be the biggest artist in his area, he’s been working tirelessly to forge his own lane and make a name for himself. And his hard work is paying off – he gained over 500,000 streams in 2022, a testament to his growing popularity, which he looks set to build on further in 2023, starting with the release of new single “Underdog”.

His smooth cadence and lyrical prowess that have made him stand out on previous releases are again present on “Underdog”. Showcasing Yung Pre’s effortless flow over a captivating beat, the track makes an impression on first listen and is further enhanced by its infectious and inspiring hook about coming out on top as the underdog, which many listeners will be able to relate to. With his sights set on becoming a household name and continuing to evolve as an artist, Yung Pre will be one to watch.

Speaking more on the new release, Yung Pre says, “‘Underdog’ is about overcoming against all odds. I first began this track after putting together my intro for my last album. The recording of that album took place in Los Angeles, and there were a lot of Spanish vibes in the air. Two months later I went back to create a full production of the beat. I wanted to come with something fire to start off the year 2023 and knew it would hit. Incorporating the Spanish horns was a salute to all my Hispanic compadres.” “Underdog” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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