February 04

80 For Brady@The Varsity Cinema-Wed.,Feb.1st,2023

By Steph C.

80 For Brady is a sports comedy that tells a story of four best friends who go on an epic adventure to the 2017 Super Bowl to see their idol Tom Brady play.

Starring iconic actresses Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field, these four besties are New England Patriots super fans in their 80s, except for the youngest, Field who is 76, but was included together with the three who are.

Lou (Tomlin) is the “quarterback” of the group and the most die-hard Pats fan among the four. She takes her pals to Super Bowl LI — the Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons, but along the way, they face many challenges. Using each person’s unique personality and quirkiness and with help from people they meet on this journey like Guy Fieri, they finally make it into the stadium and even meet their idol in person.

80 For Brady is a cute story celebrating friendship and mischievous things we get ourselves into but that we can always count on our BFFs to get us through. This fun, wholesome, and heartwarming movie opens February 3rd.