February 04

The NHL All-Star Weekend @ Sunrise Florida.

The NHL All-Star Game in Sunrise, FL. is one of the marquee dates on the calendar in professional sports. 

The puck will drop for game one of the three-game All-Star tournament at 3 P.M. ET, as the Central Division All-Stars square off with the best of the Pacific Division. After that, the Metro and Atlantic All-Stars go toe-to-toe at 4 P.M., before the final between each game’s winner begins at 5 P.M.

Initially planned to take place in Florida during 2021, the game was ultimately postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, after a pit stop in Las Vegas, the All-Star Game has finally made its way to South Florida with tons of anticipation and excitement. 

This year, all four teams will be filled with superstars as they prepare to square off from Florida’s sunny shores, with lots of festivities, memorable moments, and plenty of goals sure to come.

Before the puck drops on All-Star game, here’s what you need to know in time for the mid-season classic.

Last year, the Metropolitan Division emerged victorious, claiming their third victory in six years, and tying them with the Pacific Division for the most of any division. The Atlantic and Central Divisions, for all their all-world talent, have “struggled” since the NHL implemented the new system, with either division losing in five of the six finals to date.

The NHL made the switch to the 3-on-3 format after experimenting with a player draft during the early 2010s, which produced its share of iconic moments, especially off the ice. Before that, straightforward East vs. West (and Campbell vs. Wales) games were interspersed with a brief stretch of North America vs. World games between 1998-2002.

The FormatAs has been the case since 2016, the NHL All-Star Game is played as a 3-on-3 tournament. The day itself includes two semi-finals, 20 minutes each in length involving the two intraconference teams, then a final between the winners of each semi-final. In addition to the glory that comes with being the undisputed best division in the NHL, the winning team also walks away with a split pot of one million dollars.