March 15

Visit Malta@Drake Hotel-Thursday, March 9th,2023

Malta is a scenic island and to promote it, we were invited to an event to showcase the beautiful seaside location. The island has year round warm weather, never-ending sunshine and some of the most perfectly clear waters in the Mediterranean, the Maltese Islands are one of Europe’s most popular destinations.

Located just south of Sicily, Malta and its surrounding islands of:Gozo and Comino offer up an unlimited number of cultural and natural treats – seven thousand years of history (including three World Heritage Sites), temples that outdate both the Pyramids and Stonehenge, magnificent medieval walled towns complete with Baroque cathedrals and winding back streets.

The famous coastline boasts some of the best diving sites in not only the Mediterranean but the world. I’ll definitely have to try diving in Malta.

The Maltese Islands’ weather is great all year round, so there is no ‘best’ time to visit. Summers are long and hot, boasting temperatures well into the 30s coupled with almost no rain. Winter sees average highs of around 19 degrees and six hours of sunshine a day.

We would like to thank the organizers for the Malta presentation and the invitation. We look forward to the next event.