April 03

Stranger Things Experience @ Cinespace Studios Marine Terminal-Thurs.,March 30th,2023

On Thursday March 30th, BKONTHESCENE were invited to a preview for the highly anticipated Stranger Things: The Experience, a new immersive exhibit co-produced by Netflix and Fever.

Located at the Cinespace Marine Terminal Studio at 8 Unwin Avenue, the facility covers approximately 50,000 square feet. Once a large marine terminal in the Port Lands, this studio has since been host to many blockbuster movies including Locke & Key, and Pompeii, and popular TV shows such as Beauty & the Beast, Reign, and Resident Evil: Retribution. For such a iconic production, it´s the perfect setting for Stranger Things: The Experience in Toronto!

Upon arrival we were fully transported into the darker side of Hawkins. We were immersed into the infamous Hawkins National Lab, from where we had to later escape, and ended up in the Upside Down. From a fan perspective, this new storyline developed exclusively with the show’s creators gave a new insight into the Stranger Things world. Fans can expect to be propelled into a parallel universe where they can unlock their secret powers, just like Eleven, to face the gauntlet of lurking terrors, such as Demodogs, Demobats, the famous Demogorgon and Vecna! Fans will come face to face with the demo-monsters to escape the Hawkins National Lab and save the town. 

After our perilous escape, we arrived in the Mix-Tape, an exclusive immersive food & beverage and retail hub celebrating Stranger Things’ greatest hits! We have a feeling fans will be overwhelmed by the amount of interactive booths, re-created spaces from the series and theme-type foods & beverages matching the show. Fans can splurge on the exclusive merch in the retail hub and take part in an 80’s style photobooth!

This was a very interactive experience and we’re glad it made its way here to Toronto! Fans will love it!

We would like to thank Touchwood PR for the invitation to this event.