April 19

The Holy Gasp’s New Album ‘…And the Lord Hath Taken Away’ Is Out Now


“Devil Oh Devil” YouTube and Spotify


Benjamin Hackman’s ensemble “The Holy Gasp” is back again, creating another theatrical, thought-provoking, and genre-disrupting musical album as they release their 3rd album – “…And the Lord Hath Taken Away,” available now. It marks their first album since 2018, when they released “The Love Songs of Oedipus Rex,” a 27-person concept LP about a troubled marriage further burdened by the death of the husband’s father. 

Toronto-born founder of The Holy Gasp, Benjamin Hackman, along with fellow composer, Anthony William Wallace, and Maestro Robert W. Stevenson, continue their undefinable style, aiming their artform towards the intersection of words and music on the newly released album, “…And the Lord Hath Taken Away.”

The Holy Gasp’s first record, “The Last Generation of Love,” released in 2015, was regarded as “a future cult-classic debut” by The Toronto Star. The album was also described as “undoubtedly one of the best Canadian albums of the year” by Grayowl Point, and further defined as “one of the best albums to come out of Toronto in 2015” by Toronto Music Reviews. 

“…And the Lord Hath Taken Away” is available on Roar Records via Slammin Media distributed Worldwide by Believe.