May 03

REFUSE – A revolutionary approach to textiles & sustainable systems at the Textile Museum of Canada. April 19 – June 18, 2023

By Gerald Glavota

ABOUT THE ARTIST Padina Bondar is a hybrid designer, artist, and activist, using her work to advocate for marginalized narratives, sustainability, ethics, and inclusivity. Combining technical skills and craftsmanship with a passion for environmental protection, she transforms plastic waste into high-end textiles and embellishments. Padina’s mission is to deliver meaningful outcomes to projects & problems across the design spectrum with intersectionality, sustainability, and materiality at the forefront of her narrative. Born in Tehran, raised in Toronto, and now living in NYC, her passion and perspective are the results of cultural juxtapositions. Padina is best known for her outrageous topics and presentation focused on waste management and couture creations, challenging systems that cause the fashion industry to be a leading environmental pollutant. She aims to shed light on the mountain of waste and injustice beneath the glamorous facade of the industry. Her calling is to uncover common ground and position.

Breathe, 2021 Recycled denim, woven, hand-spun, knitted, crocheted, laser cut. Courtesy of the Artist.

Cosmic Waste (dress), 2021 Recycled wool, recycled silk, recycled cotton, felted, sewn

Woman, Life, Freedom, 2023 LPDE (low density polyethylene) garbage bags, needle lace, bobbin lace, knitted