May 09

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie:@Hot Docs Film Festival 2023

Michael J. Fox is one of Canada’s most famous actors. Admired world wide. Starring in both the American sitcom TV series Family Ties and the Back to the Future Films in the 1980’s. Back to the Future being the biggest grossing film in 1985. 

So when Michael J. Fox announced in 1991 that he’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease – the world was shocked and saddened. In the documentary we see how Fox’s disease has progressed with tremors and stiffness on his entire left side. This the viewer sees when Fox is speaking through interviews. Seeing this helps viewers understand the disease. Great views of his growing up, getting into acting, meeting his wife on set and his children including twins!  

It’s a wonderful documentary film for not only Michael J. Fox fans but for those who are interested in Parkinson’s disease and wish to see how one deals with the affliction.  Fox is described as a kid from a Canadian army base who becomes the international pop culture star of the 1980’s but sadly has the path of his life changed by his Parkinson’s diagnosis. It’s a touching and informative film about Fox’s life and his strength to live life to the fullest. Highly recommended documentary.