May 14

Earthquake: New Single from Queens & Kings

The music video for Queens & Kings latest release “Earthquake” is now out!  Filmed in two unique, abandoned locations, (one since demolished, the other was built in the mid 1800s), the pair chose locations that reflected the lyrics of the song which are basically about the powerful force we all hold inside ourselves if we allow ourselves to access it. It’s about standing up for and believing in ourself and becoming stronger for it.  The first location was shot by Jesse Read of Dropout Entertainment with a small crew consisting of Danny Santos as stage assistant and Kirsten Sonntag taking behind the scenes photos. The pair shot the second location independently and as always, edited the video themselves.

Unlike the other songs we have seen from Queens & Kings where Alissa plays drums and Brendan plays guitar, Brendan plays both instruments AT ONCE in this song. As Alissa expands “We have our roles in this band, me as drummer and him as guitarist, and sometimes we swap and I play guitar and he plays drums. But I wanted a way to be able to sometimes be able to go up front and just go wild, so we devised this plan and it came together very quickly. We have a bunch of other variations of this idea as well that people will be seeing more of soon. We like to keep it interesting and keep challenging ourselves!”.

You can watch the music video here:

Queens & Kings