Plastic China Film Premiere @ TIFF 2017

Following digiPlaySpace we viewed the film Plastic China (playing Tue Apr 11, Sat Apr 15, Sun Apr 16, Tue Apr 18), a documentary that focuses on the life of Yi Jie, a young girl who lives with her family in a plastic-sorting town in China that processes recycled waste not only from China but various parts of the world, addressing the issues of waste, equity and the state of the environment.

Featuring Yi Jie, we’re introduced to a young girl who, along with her family, has moved to a plastic-sorting town in China, living among the plastic they sort for work; where the recycled waste from Europe, the United States, and other parts of Asia is collected. The film takes us along Jie’s plight; unable to attend school so she spends her days working, caring for her siblings, sorting plastic, and searching for hidden treasures amongst the trash. Her parents discuss their hopes for the future, but family problems relentlessly stand in the way of their goals.

This moving film shows the direct impact excessive plastic waste has on Yi Jie’s family and many like them, reminding us that while we may not see it, our own actions can have a direct impact on people living thousands of kilometers away. I like to call this movie “Drastic Plastic”, as plastic recycling maybe just a minimal solution to resolve our increasing junk over extending our landfills. It’s a whole new world to see how prevalent “junk” has caused marine life, human health and environmental conditions that are declining to the point of “no return”. Will this film have an impact to the “decision makers”? Maybe, maybe not, but it did shine a light on how devastating human waste can accumulate and what may transpire in the future!

We would like to thank Rebecca from TIFF Communications Department for the invitation.