May 08

“Who Let The Dogs Out”@TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX-Sun.,May 5th,2019

Director Brent Hodge very aptly captures the hilarious adventure of Ben Sisto’s quest to get to the bottom of “Who Let The Dogs Out.”  A subject definitely off the beaten path, it starts naturally enough with Ben noticing an incomplete citation on the songs Wikipedia page and he sets out the find the answer.  Who did let the dogs out?
Brent follows Ben’s journey around the world as he traces the various claimants to authorship of one of the catchiest lines in music history.  A tale of copyright infringements it certainly is and six-year legal battle shows that.  Was that the final say? Not by a long shot.  Much of the films’ humour comes from watching Ben unravel what many believed was an already answered question.  As with many things in life, complications arise when big money is involved and suddenly everyone has an angle.  Ben guides us through this maze with a lighthearted and humorous approach.  The central theme is ownership and whether someone can claim ownership to a slang phrase originating in Trinidad?  No doubt the Baha Men’s version is the smash mega-hit and is significant because the song is used everywhere by sports fans as a rallying chant.  This chant, in fact, may actually be where the song originated as this delightful documentary explains.