By Wayne Baggs

HISTORY delivers Big Wreck loud and proud. Tight as ever, this new incarnation of Big Wreck may just be the best one yet. Thornley, with Chris Caddell guitar, Dave McMillan bass and groove master Sakou Lumumda drums, delivered an excellent performance. These boys have talent. This concert had Big Wreck premiering 3 songs from the new 7.1 EP with a sound that is new and refreshing, not the same old same old.

Thornley kept it about the music, driving from one song into the next. His only talking was to introduce the band. Starting with Beano and ending with an encore, The Oaf. The 90 minute set had the crowd pumped. Everyone, including the band, was more than happy for the return of live music. This is one of a seven show small tour. A warm up for the larger spring tour. The new 7.1 EP is first in a series of four EP’s that will form one larger project. Big Wreck is a working band coming up with great new material, making the live experience more exciting.

Monster Truck was the middle band with BRKN Love opening. Monster Truck had a monster set, hahaha. Ya I know it’s bad, but it was. BRKN Love is a young and enthused bunch of lads. They received an enthusiastic response from the sparser crowd. It was a great rock night. Watch for and attend the spring tour.